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Appearance Matters: Tackling the Physical and Psychosocial Consequences of Dissatisfaction with Appearance The project “Appearance Matters: Tackling the Physical and Psychosocial Consequences of Dissatisfaction with Appearance” aimed to increase and improve European research on the impact of dissatisfaction with appearance on the health and lives of those affected. This COST Action project also aimed at evaluating interventions implemented [...]


Industrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network The Industrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network (ICSHNet) initiative is a COST Action Project that aims to establish and consolidate a European network dedicated to the development of common strategies to address the impact of, inter alia, the health of industrial contamination. Researchers, including Diogo Pestana from CINTESIS, aim to identify gaps [...]


Towards an International Network for Evidence-based Research in Clinical Health Research The project “Towards an International Network for Evidence-based Research in Clinical Health Research” (EVBRES) will be in force until October 2022 aiming to encourage researchers and stakeholders to use the so called “Evidence-Based Research” (EBR) in the development of clinical research avoiding redundancies and waste. The [...]


1st.IndiQare - Quality indicators in primary health care: validation and application of quality indicators as an evaluation and comparison tool The project 1st.IndiQare – Quality indicators in primary health care: validation and application of quality indicators as an evaluation and comparison tool, began in July 2018 aiming to contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of primary health [...]


HS.HELIOS for Health Data Communication and Portability Developed by HLTSYS – Healty Systems, an enterprise born in CINTESIS and a spin-off of the University of Porto, the project “HS.HELIOS for Health Data Communication and Portability”, in short “HS.HELIOS”, aims to prove the technical and economic viability of HS.HELIOS in real work context within a health institution and promote [...]


Arterial spin labelling Initiative in Dementia (AID) Abstract Dementia is a major clinical challenge with care costs approaching 1% of global GDP. Recent estimates suggest that delaying disease onset by 5 years would halve its prevalence. As new disease-modifying treatments will be specific to causative diseases, expensive and bear significant side effects, early diagnosis of dementia [...]


AIRDOC: Smart Mobile Application for Individualized Support and Monitoring of the Respiratory Function and Sounds of Chronic Obstructive Patients AIRDOC is a mobile health (mHealth) project that aims to develop new tools and technological solutions for the monitoring and self-management of chronic obstructive respiratory diseases using smartphones and integrated sensors with the goal of improving health care in [...]


Together We Stand: Promoting Adherence in End-stage Disease Through Familiy-Based Self-Management Intervention The project Together We Stand, funded by the FCT with more than 200 thousand euros, aims to design and assess family-based self-management of disease interventions of hemodialysis patients and their relatives. This is a project led by Daniela Figueiredo (CINTESIS/University of Aveiro) that will [...]


Impact of H2O2/Ag+ dry-mist on healthcare-associated infections: the Burn Unit Paradigma Effective infection control strategies limiting the spread of drug resistance and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) needs to be urgently addressed. Following conventional manual cleaning with disinfectants, 10% of high-touch hospital surfaces remain contaminated. A comprehensive study is proposed to investigate the microbiological and [...]


mINSPIRE - mHealth to measure and improve adherence to medication in chronic obstructive respiratory diseases - generalisation and evaluation of gamification, peer support and advanced image processing technologies mINSPIRE will improve and evaluate mobile technologies to measure and improve inhaled medications adherence (IMA) in chronic obstructive respiratory diseases. The team has developed an app aiming to transform [...]

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