CINTESIS Education

6 PhDs-01

CINTESIS researchers are currently responsible:

6 PhD programs:

  1. Clinical and Services Research,
  2. Medicine,
  3. BioEthics,
  4. Nursing Sciences,
  5. Geriatric and Gerontology,
  6. Psychology


12 MSc Programs



In addition, CINTESIS researchers also collaborate with several others PhD programs, such as Neurociences (FMUP) or the Metabolism - Clinical and Experimentation (FMUP). It is worth noting that many of these programs include the collaboration of several international Institutions that complement the level of excellence of these programs. Over the last 5 years CINTESIS itself has also promoted more than 200 post-graduate courses and seminars, including 6 summer schools and 6 specialization courses, some involving thousands of scientists, health professionals and students in masters or doctorate. Examples of these training opportunities include a wide variety of areas such as as Anatomy, Geriatrics, Nursing, Information Systems, Biostatistics, Scientific Methods, Clinical Trials Supervision, all of which are deemed necessary in order to tackle the important challenges posed by Horizon 2020.

The organization of scientific events is another way of promoting advanced training as students and researchers have a unique opportunity to be exposed to the state of the of various disciplines. These are also opportunities to promote interdisciplinary, create and strengthen research collaborations.