Research Facilities

CINTESIS is a heterogeneous research unit involving different kinds of research approaches, varying between wet and dry laboratory activities.

The three thematic lines "Clinical & Health Services Research" (TL1), "Ageing & Neurosciences Research" (TL2), and "Disease & Diagnostic Research" (TL3) develop wet laboratorial activities, in a total area of around 2.500 m2. These activities involve about 80% of the integrated members of CINTESIS, making use of several equipments of general or specific use. The most relevant ones are listed below. The wet labs have equipment necessary to guarantee approaches from molecular biology techniques (e.g. real-‐‑time PCR Thermal Cyclers, electrophoresis apparatus and accessories, etc.), cell and tissues structural studies (e.g. fluorescent microscopy, Raman Spectrometer with confocal microscopy, etc), complete analytic methods to physiological techniques (e.g. cycle ergometer, peak flow meter, peripheral psychophysiological, pneumotachograph, etc), measuring systems crucial for clinical trials, diagnostic (e.g. infrared spectrometry, spectrofluorimetry, ellipsometry), and therapeutic interventions, as well as for monitoring disease or risk factors. Thus, with these labs it is allowed to delineate studies using cell (or tissue) culture models or animal models (especially rodents).

On top of this, this is a unit with access to patients, from different hospitals, and with conditions to recruit healthy volunteers, allowing the delineation of clinical trials in different clinical areas of intervention.

The thematic line "Data & Methods Research" (TL4) is grounded on dry laboratorial approaches, carried out within 1000 m2. This activity uses several database and software programs, involving about 20% of the integrated PhD members. CINTESIS has large and important international and national clinical databases (total of 62076 cases). This number includes adult and pediatric (n=939) patients (national or regional populations) with several diseases, namely metabolic diseases as obesity, diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases and also with metal diseases. All these cases are being followed.

In addition, CINTESIS is periodically asked to explore and analyse hospitalization data at a national or regional level related to discharges from the last 12 years (including nearly 19 million cases). About 3.500 adverse drug reaction reports were collected by CINTESIS systems since the year 2000.