Research Lines

TL1 - Clinical & Health Services Research

Principal Investigator: Altamiro Manuel Rodrigues da Costa Pereira

Description: Clinical Research has the individual patient as its object and aims to answer research questions within the realm of clinical medicine, contributing to the knowledge-base and supporting healthcare and medical decision-making... read more

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TL2 - Ageing & Neurosciences Research

Principal Investigator: Maria Dulce Cordeiro Madeira

Description:  The thematic line Ageing & Neurosciences Research assembles the groups Ageing Cluster, Psychology and Long Living, and Neuronal Degeneration and Regeneration. Researchers of these groups share... read more

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TL3 - Diagnosis, Disease & Therapeutics Research

Principal Investigator: Acácio Agostinho Gonçalves Rodrigues

Description: In this the second decade of the 21st century, on the backdrop of a changing world order, Europe faces a series of crucial challenges: low growth, insufficient innovation, and a diverse set of environmental and social challenges. Europe 2020 recognizes these challenges and argues that Europe faces a moment of transformation. The solutions to all of these problems are linked... read more

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TL4 - Data & Methods Research

Principal Investigator: João Francisco Montenegro Andrade Lima Bernardes

Description: The thematic line Data and Methods Research deals with research on methods for data collection, validation, communication, analysis and synthesis, as well as methods for healthcare decision‑making based in management and ethical criteria... read more

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