TL2 - Ageing & Neurosciences Research

The thematic line Ageing & Neurosciences Research assembles the groups Ageing Cluster, Psychology and Long Living, and Neuronal Degeneration and Regeneration. Researchers of these groups share similar interests and are willing to interact to contribute for the understanding of features of ageing and disease susceptibility, pathogenesis and prevention. The groups involve researchers from a variety of disciplines, with different backgrounds, who have been addressing these challenges for many years at their particular fields using group-‐‑specific approaches. Specifically,

Research Groups:

G6 -­ AgeingC: Ageing Cluster

G7 -­ PsychoLive: Psychology & Long Living

G8 -­ NeuroGen: Neuronal Degeneration & Regeneration


Dulce Madeira

Principal Investigator
Maria Dulce Cordeiro Madeira