Psychology & Long Living

This group is under the direction of Prof. Carlos Silva and includes 6 integrated researchers, 4 collaborators, and 11 PhD students working at University of Aveiro.

The Psychology and Long Living group (PsychoLive) conducts research at the university and has established cooperation with several national non educational institutions (e.g., city councils and industry) looking for a close application of their knowledge (e.g., the development of work ability assessment tools). The group uses psychology as a tool to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors in various contexts throughout the life cycle (e.g., workplace) in order to ensure a vigorous long living. Psychology can significantly contribute towards this goal by promoting, for example, good sleep habits, effective self-regulation of psychobiological processes, modification of deviant behaviors (with societal and forensic implications), adaptive social competences in various contexts (e.g., workplace), and effective management of mental health

Research is supported by laboratory infrastructures (e.g., neuropsychology laboratory equipped with electrophysiological recording systems). The group adopts an evolutionary and functional approach to study such processes, which deviates from the traditional perspectives, and adds innovation and refreshing perspectives to several applied domains.

Integrated Members

 Ana Torres    Carlos Silva    Elisabeth Brito    Isabel Santos
  Carlos Fernandes
da Silva [PI]


 Josefa Pandeirada    Sandra Soares

Other PhD Members

  • Ana Cardoso Allen Gomes
  • Anabela Maria Sousa Pereira
  • Isabel Cristina Dórdio Dimas
  • Sara Otília Marques Monteiro

Other researchers

  • Ana Claudia Pereira Bártolo
  • Carla Ferreira da Silva Pais Vieira
  • Hugo Miguel Fernandes Cruz
  • Marta Fernanda Coelho Rocha
  • Natália Lisandra Santos Fernandes
  • Rosa Sofia Barreira de Almeida Leite