Clinical Research has the individual patient as its object and aims to answer research questions within the realm of clinical medicine, contributing to the knowledge-‐‑base and supporting healthcare and medical decision-‐‑making. Research questions addressed in this area are mainly associated with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, aetiology, impact and frequency of human disease.

Health Services Research is understood as the study of the production, quality, organization, distribution, efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of health services and their impact in the health status and outcomes of the patients and the community. It addresses, for example, the organization of health systems, the quality of health services, patient and healthcare professional satisfaction, the access to healthcare, the economic aspects of healthcare and the equity in the provision of healthcare and resources allocation. Health Technologies Assessment is one aspect of the overarching area of Health Services Research that has healthcare technologies as their main study objects. Its main objective is to address questions regarding the properties of these technologies, particularly their safety, efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency, applicability, indications, costs, cost-‐‑ effectiveness and the social, ethical and economic consequences of their utilization. The thematic line of Clinical and Health Services Research congregates the following research groups: Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (G1 – CriticalMed), Cardiovascular Sciences (G2 – CardioCare), Technologies Assessment in Gastrointestinal Oncology (G3 – iGO), Clinical Nutrition and Disease Programming (G4 – ProNutri) and Innovation and Development in Nursing (G5 – NursID). Researchers in this thematic line have distinct backgrounds contributing to its multidisciplinary nature; however, they all share a common set of goals, methodological tools and technologies in the realm of Clinical and Health Services Research, which are used to tackle a heterogeneous set of relevant questions and problems in distinct clinical, public health, health services and health policy areas.

Research Groups:

G1 -­ CriticalMed: Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

G2 -­ CardioCare: Cardiovascular Sciences

G3 -­ iGO: Health Technology Assessment in Gastrointestinal Oncology

G4 -­ ProNutri: Clinical Nutrition & Disease Programming

G5 -­ NursID: Innovation & Development in Nursing


Altamiro Pereira

Principal Investigator
Altamiro Manuel Rodrigues da Costa Pereira