Cardiovascular Sciences

This group is under the direction of Prof. José Carlos Silva Cardoso and comprises a total of 3 integrated members, 6 PhD students and 9 other researchers as collaborators. It includes researchers mainly from the Porto Faculty of Medicine and closely collaborates with several hospitals and other institutions (e.g. Hospital de São João, Centros Hospitalares de Gaia-Espinho, Vale do Sousa e Viseu, Aveiro University and the Portuguese Society of Cardiology).

The Cardiovascular Sciences (G2 – CardioCare) research group aims to continually advance knowledge in clinical Cardiology, comprising research in prevention, diagnosis, investigation and management of cardiovascular diseases. The group team has extensive experience in conducting clinical research, involving both investigator initiated studies and international multicenter clinical trials and registries.

Active areas of investigation include but are not limited to preventive cardiology, epidemiology, genetics, cardiac imaging, general cardiovascular disease, cardiac involvement in AIDS, arrhythmias, dilated cardiomyopathies, heart failure, cardiovascular clinical pharmacology, cardiac devices and health policy.

Integrated Members

Jose cardoso PI   Manuel Capelo
Cardoso [PI]

Other PhD Members

  • Nuno Teodoro da Veiga Reis Bettencourt de Sousa

Other researchers

  • Alexandra Isabel Coelho de Sousa
  • Aurora Maria Vivas de Andrade Santos Abreu
  • Bruno Melica
  • Sérgio Lopes Mariano Machado Leite