Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

This group is under the direction of Profª. Maria Cristina Granja Teixeira dos Santos and comprises a total of 5 integrated members, 2 PhD students and 1 other researcher as collaborator. It incorporates researchers collaborating in several different Portuguese hospitals (e.g. Hospital São João and Centro Hospitalar do Porto) and mainly integrates members of the Porto and Algarve Medical Faculties. The Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (G1 – CriticalMed) research group aims to create and promote innovative interdisciplinary research and knowledge to improve prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of critically ill patients and critical illness.

The team has extensive experience in conducting clinical research, involving both investigator initiated studies and international multicenter clinical trials and registries. Active areas of investigation include, but are not limited to, health-related quality of life and post‑traumatic stress disorder after critical illness, sepsis including the development of novels tools for sepsis prediction and sepsis epidemiology, prevention of cardiac arrest, trauma registries and epidemiology, renal failure, oxidative stress metabolism and renal replacement therapies in critically ill patients.

The vision of this group is to be a relevant national and international research player and partner, addressing significant outcome issues for critical care.

Integrated Members

cristina granja   Fernando Abelha   Francisco Cunha   Pedro Leao
Granja [PI]

Other PhD Members

  • Teresa Maria da Costa Cardoso