TL4 - Data & Methods Research

The thematic line Data and Methods Research deals with research on methods for data collection, validation, communication, analysis and synthesis, as well as methods for healthcare decision-‐‑making based in management and ethical criteria. Within this line, researchers will develop informatics and statistical skills and tools to collect, validate and communicate any kind of linear and complex biomedical data, produced in any research and clinical activity, within CINTESIS, or other research Units, namely biomedical signals and images, as well as personal patient data.

This in itself is not enough to take correct healthcare decisions. So, appropriate statistical skills and tools will be then developed to extract and synthesise evidence from data for healthcare providers. Finally, experts in methods for management and ethical decision making, and auditing, will be committed to make possible the most appropriate decisions within the healthcare system.

Research Groups:

G13 -­ BioData: Biostatistics & Intelligent Data Analysis

G14 -­ In4Health: Health Informatics

G15 -­ EvidenS: Evidence-­Based Medicine & Research Synthesis

G16 -­ ManEthics: Healthcare Management & Ethics


Joao Bernardes

Principal Investigator 
João Francisco Montenegro Andrade Lima Bernardes