Evidence-­Based Medicine & Research Synthesis

This is a group focused on production and synthesize of a high quality scientific evidence to make healthcare safer, higher quality, more efficacious, accessible, equitable, cost-effective and affordable, and to work with the Portuguese healthcare professionals, national authorities, policy makers and other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used.

This general mission will be accomplished focusing in some priority areas, including the improvement of healthcare quality by developing and implementing patient‑centred research and fostering research and innovation to improve healthcare safety, accessibility, affordability and efficiency. The specific aims of this group will then include the following:

  1. Development and implementation of patient‑centred research, focusing on the most relevant clinical questions – diagnostic tools, risk assessment, prognostic models, evaluation of the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of treatment, preventive and rehabilitative interventions and clinical practice guidelines;
  2. Development of fundamental research on methods and tools for evidence synthesis;
  3. Development of applied research using modern methods of evidence synthesis – systematic reviews and meta‑analysis – focusing on priority areas for the Portuguese healthcare system and healthcare professionals and fostering the development of important partnerships, namely with the Cochrane Collaboration through the recently established Portuguese Branch of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network;
  4. Dissemination of high‑quality systematic reviews, meta‑analysis and other research evidence on important health and public health issues to inform policy, practice and further research in Portugal and elsewhere;
  5. Provision of information, advice, guidance and representation on evidence synthesis and knowledge transfer topics to Portuguese authorities, healthcare professionals, policy makers and healthcare researchers;
  6. Development of expertise and capacity and knowledge transfer within Portugal through formal and informal training and promotion of the role and value of evidence based medicine and evidence synthesis.

Integrated Members

 AntonioVazCarneiro    Carlos Martins    Cristina Jácome    Joao F    L Azevedo
Vaz Carneiro [PI]


 Sergio Sampaio              

Other PhD Members

  • João Carlos Winck Fernandes Cruz
  • João Nuno Marques Parracho Guerra da Costa

Other researchers

  • Alfredo Mendes de Castro
  • António de Almeida e Sousa Cardoso Fernandes
  • Bernardo Manuel de Sousa Pinto
  • Daniel Martinho Ferreira Dias
  • Luís Miguel Ribeiro Nogueira Soares da Silva
  • Luís Miguel Vieira de Araújo
  • Manuel José Ferreira de Magalhães
  • Pedro Daniel Costa Dias
  • Tiago António Queirós Jacinto