TL3 - Diagnosis, Disease & Therapeutics Research

In this the second decade of the 21st century, on the backdrop of a changing world order, Europe faces a series of crucial challenges: low growth, insufficient innovation, and a diverse set of environmental and social challenges. Europe 2020 recognizes these challenges and argues that Europe faces a moment of transformation. The solutions to all of these problems are linked.

The key driver of the problems is Europe's structural innovation gap: compared to its competitors, Europe's patenting performance is weak and it lags behind in developing new products, new processes and new services. To boost productivity and growth, it is critically important to generate breakthrough technologies and translate them into new products, processes and services. This key driver is underpinned by the following structural problem drivers:

  • Insufficient contribution of research and innovation to tackling societal challenges.
  • Insufficient technological leadership and innovation capability.
  • The need to strengthen the science base.
  • Insufficient cross-‐‑border coordination, or to make it worse within the very same country.

The thematic line of Research in Diagnosis, Disease & Therapeutics congregates the following research groups: Innovative Diagnostic Tools (G9 – Innovis), Medical Microbiology (G10 – MicroMed), Medical Imaging & Signal Processing (G11 – MedISP) and Therapeutics, Pharmacovigilance & Hypertension Diagnosis (G12 – PharmaHTA). Researchers in this thematic line have diverse backgrounds contributing to its multidisciplinary scope; however, they all share a common set of goals, methodological tools and technologies in the realm of Disease and Diagnostic Research, which are used to tackle a heterogeneous set of relevant questions and problems in distinct clinical, public health, health services and health policy areas.

Research Groups:

G9 -­ Innovis: Innovative Diagnostic Tools

G10 -­ MicroMed: Medical Microbiology

G11 -­ MedISP: Medical Imaging & Signal Processing

G12 -­ PharmaHTA: Therapeutics, Pharmacovigilance & Hypertension Diagnosis


Acacio Rodrigues

Principal Investigator
Acácio Agostinho Gonçalves Rodrigues