Innovative Diagnostic Tools

This group is under the direction of Profª. Goreti Sales and includes 5 integrated researchers, 5 collaborators and 4 PhD students. Research activities are held at the Serviço e Laboratório de Imunologia/Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto (FMUP) Research Laboratory BioMark, Sensor Research/Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP).

The Innovative Diagnostic Tools (G9 – Innovis) research group aims to identify new biomarkers/bioindicators coupled to disease installation. Innovis operates within three major lines of research activity:

(1) Biomarkers/bioindicators. This line is devoted to identify new biomarkers/bioindicators coupled to disease installation (proteins, nucleotides, lipids, cell receptors, immune cells, etc.). Neurological, cancer and immune diseases are handled herein. This line shall also enable searching for new drugs acting through new biochemical targets/routes.

(2) Smart (bio)materials/biomimetics. In this line new biomimetic surfaces are being engineered towards different target biomarker/bioindicator compounds, besides those identified in (1). These are made by molecularly imprinted processes (leading to plastic antibodies), but others may be used as long as an intense affinity for the targeted compound is observed. This includes, among others, aptamer sequences (oligonucleotides). (Bio)Chemical materials are also being generated in parallel for displaying a predictable response against external stimulus of interest, allowing the development of smart surfaces against the targeted markers/indicators.

(3) Biosensors and biosensing concepts.The biosensors are mostly developed with low cost materials. These include screen‑printed electrodes composed of low cost materials, assembled on natural/synthetic supports and producing responses of electrical/optical nature. A new concept of biosensing is also being generated in parallel by merging the traditional biosensors with solar cells, targeting at completely autonomous devices.

Integrated Members

 Felismina Moreira    Jose Gerardo    Goreti Sales    Joana_Guerreiro    José Ribeiro
Sales [PI]


 Lúcia Brandão    Luis Delgado    Margarida Braga    Maria Sá

Other PhD Members

  • Manuela Maria Teixeira Basto de Faria Frasco
  • Tânia Sofia Cardoso Ribeiro Rebelo

Other researchers

  • Alexandra Raquel Tavares dos Santos
  • Ana Patricia Tavares Moreira
  • Ana Rita Aires Cardoso
  • Carolina Sofia Hora Oliveira
  • Gabriela Ferreira de Vasconcelos Martins
  • Helena Isabel Alves de Sousa Gomes
  • Liliana Adelina Afonso Novo de Almeida Truta
  • Liliana Patrícia Teixeira Carneiro
  • Nadia Silva Ferreira