Medical Imaging & Signal Processing

This group is under the direction of Prof. António Bastos Leite and includes 3 integrated researchers, 8 collaborators and 9 PhD students. The group is hosted at the Centre for Research in Health Technologies and Information Systems (CINTESIS), Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal.The Medical Imaging & Signal Processing (G11 – MedISP) research group aims to contribute for the development of new and effective diagnostic tools, methods, and technologies that can improve the understanding of human health and disease, namely the understanding of pathological conditions occurring throughout the entire human life cycle, with particular emphases in foetal development, mental health, and pathological ageing of the brain (e.g., dementia).

This can lead to the improvement of disease outcomes, through earlier and more accurate diagnoses or prognoses. It is expected that it might also allow patient-adapted treatments.

Integrated Members

 Ana Reynolds    Antonio Bastos Leite    Hernani Goncalves    Hernani Goncalves    Joao Bernardes
Bastos Leite [PI]

Other PhD Members

  • Fernando Ricardo Ferreira Santos
  • Diogo de Matos Graça Ayres de Campos
  • Maria Antónia Moreira Nunes da Costa

Other researchers

  • Ana Paula Correia
  • Fernanda Sofia Quintela da Silva Brandão
  • Maria Andreia Peixoto Magalhães Norton Massano
  • Marta Maria de Pinho Dias Oliveira Carvalho Monteiro
  • Oriana Horta Rendeiro Correia Pinto
  • Raquel Cristina Soares Pedrosa
  • Tiago de Oliveira Paiva
  • Célia Maria Amorim Costa
  • Inês Maria Moreira Guedes Maia Nunes
  • Margarida Suzel Lopes Martinho
  • Mariana Francisca Lira Morais
  • Mariana Isabel Cruz Rei
  • Paula Cristina Santos Pinto
  • Ricardo Filipe Sousa Santos
  • Sónia Valente Duarte