Therapeutics, Pharmacovigilance & Hypertension Diagnosis

This group is under the direction of Prof. Jorge Polónia and includes 3 integrated researchers, 6 collaborators and 6 PhD students. Research activity is held at the Department of Health Information and Decision Sciences (CIDES) and at the Centre for Research in Health Technologies and Information Systems (CINTESIS) of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP).

Therapeutics, Pharmacovigilance & Hypertension Diagnosis (G12 – PharmaHTA) research group focused on pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology of the general population, and particularly in elderly, contributing to a better knowledge of the safety profile of the marketed drugs and, consequently, to the community health promotion. It also opens a large window for development and performance of phase II-IV clinical trials of drugs particularly in the cardiovascular field.

Integrated Members

 Altamiro Pereira    Ana M    Jorge Polonia    Jose Nunes
Polónia [PI]

Other PhD Members

  • Albertino Antonio Moura Damasceno
  • José Adelino Mesquita Bastos

Other researchers

  • Ana Marta Matos Silva
  • Clarinda Maria de Castro Neves
  • Fernanda Inês de Carvalho Pereira Ribeiro Vaz
  • Joana Isabel Oliveira Mendes Marques
  • João Ricardo Amorim Queiroz de Faria
  • Susana Elisabete Pereira Bertoquini